2016 New Season Club Guide

We know that the start of the season can be a bit overwhelming so we’re happy to share our annual club reminders and guide! USA Rugby Club Registration Renew your Club Registration with USA Rugby (includes paying Club dues) by Sept 2, 2016 Have a registered Level 200 coach certified by USA Rugby Verify that […]

World Rugby Law Clarification 2 – Injury from Foul Play

Please review the second clarification from World Rugby this year. It addresses some specifics regarding the new section of Law 3.14 (Substituted Players Rejoining a Match – injured as a result of foul play). The clarification is very straightforward, but please write to me if you have any questions. 2016 Law Clarification 2 Injury from […]

2016 TRU Women’s Rep – Nick James

The only nomination for the open TRU Women’s Representative was Nick James. As a result of no other nominations, Nick James is re-elected and will hold a 3 year term. Congratulations Nick!

2016 Congress Club Rep – Nominees & Voting

Please see below the following nominations for USA Rugby and TRU Congress Club Representative: Nominee Statements Bill Taute Holly Iker Ron Watson John Anderson Voting rules: The candidate with the most votes will fill the 2 year term seat, while the candidate with the second most votes be an alternate if either elected Congress Representative is unable […]

2016 TRU Men’s D1 Rep – Nominees & Voting

Please see below the following nominations for the TRU Men’s D1 Board Seat. Nominee Statements David Dodge (Dallas Reds) Bill Taute (Austin Blacks) Voting rules: Quorum is 2/3 of eligible voters (4/6 teams in this case). Candidate must receive more than 50% of the votes to be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the TRU […]

2016 RRRC Competitions Committee – Nominees & Election Procedures

Please see below the following nominations for the Men’s D3 seat. Note that these were the only nominations received, so all other electable seats will remain for another term. Nominee Statements Scott Blackley (Bay Area Rugby Club) John Kurylas (Grand Prairie) Voting Rules Quorum is 2/3 of eligible voters (10/16 teams for D3). Candidate must receive […]

2016 TRU Summit – LIVE!

Follow the journey of the TRU Summit LIVE! [View the story “2016 TRU Summit” on Storify]