2017 TRU Hall of Fame Nominees

TRU Hall of Fame

The Texas Rugby Union would like to congratulate the following nominees for the 2017 TRU Hall of Fame:

  • Baxter, Wayne – Houston Rugby Club
  • Blocker, Truman – UTMB Galveston Rugby Football Club
  • Boos, Roger – Texas A&M
  • Davis, Nathanial – Austin RFC
  • Ehrhardt III, Charles – Houston Rugby Club
  • Evans, Peter – Katy Rugby
  • Fleet, Dr. Robert – Stephen F. Austin
  • Garner, Lee – Houston Rugby Club
  • Kenns, Paul – Austin RFC
  • Kolberg, Jeff – Dallas RFC
  • Latham, Bob – Dallas Harlequins
  • Locke, Andrew – All Army 7s
  • Mabry, Paul – Galveston and Texas XXX’s
  • McFarren, Krista – New Orleans Half Moons
  • Morris, Stewart – Houston Rugby Club
  • Niece, Al – Austin RFC
  • Nixon, John V. (Ian) – Dallas Harlequins
  • Parker, Richard “Ryche” – Houston Heathen RFC
  • Puentes, Carlos – Austin RFC
  • Speer, Mark – Rice University
  • Watson, Ron – Fort Worth RFC
  • Wolfinger, James – St. Thomas High School RFC
  • Woodfin, William – Dallas RFC

The HOF Selection Committee will now begin reviewing each nominee and making their selections. Final inductees will be announced soon! We do want to note that the selection process has become a bit more formalized as we are in our second year:

  1. The HOF committee this year and going forward is made up of current HOF members, current TRU board members, and Doug Corrigan as the driving force behind the creation of the HOF.  We felt this gave us a balance between founding members of the union and the current generation, and is a group of 18 – large enough that nothing is being done unilaterally by any individual.
  2. We are aiming for a class of no more than 8 this year, as opposed to 10 in the inaugural class.

The initial list of nominees will be considered and discussed by the committee, and a digital vote will whittle that group down to a more manageable list. Each voter will be asked to rank the nominees 1-23 and the nominees with the highest aggregate ranking will move on. This is the same process as the ad hoc committee followed last year.

Next the finalists will each be discussed individually with up to 5 minutes for each candidate/presenter. Again this is the same as the ad hoc committee did last year. There are simply too many nominees to have a presentation and discussion of each one without first narrowing that group to a manageable number.

For more information on the TRU Hall of Fame go to http://www.texasrugbyunion.com/tru-hall-of-fame/. Questions? Reach out to admin@texasrugbyunion.com.