The First Decade by S.G.B. Tennant, Jr.

An anecdotal history by S.G.B. Tennant, Jr. can be read in the PDF “The First Decade”. Below is a summary of the founding clubs and defining moments in our history.

You can also view the presentation at the Inaugural 2016 Hall of Fame where we celebrated inductees and the “founding clubs”. 2016 TRU Summit Hall of Fame Presentation.


Baylor Med
Dr. Grover Bagby
Dr. Ralph Rucker

Baylor Medical (Baylor University of College Medicine) - 1967

Baylor Medical (Baylor University of College Medicine) – 1967

Galveston Medical / UTMB
Dr. Larry Priano
Ken Long

Galveston Medical / UTMB - 1977

Galveston Medical / UTMB – 1977

Austin RFC
Al Hagan
Nat Davis

Austin RFC – 1968

Austin RFC – 1968


South African Roger Boos (at Texas A&M)

River University
Ira Gruber

Dallas Football “Texans” (Dallas RFC)
Dr. William Woodfin
Andy Csvenko

Dallas RFC Constitution - 1969

Dallas RFC Constitution – 1969

Houston Rugby Club
Wayne Baxter
Jim Savage
Lee Garner
Gail Tennant

Houston hosted and won the first Lone Star Invitational Tournament in November of 1969.

Texas Rugby Football Union
Wayne Baxter
S.G.B. Tennant Jr.


Dallas Harlequins RFC
Nelson Spencer

Texas Society of Rugby Referees
Wayne Baxter
Tony Ivan-Smith
J.A. McDonald
Frank Van Lear


Champagnat Tour of Texas
Carlos Puentes


The TRU had grown again and divided into 20 clubs:

Northern Countries:

Dallas RFC and Dallas Alpha RFC
Denton Lions RFC
Ft. Sill Gunners RFC
Ft. Worth RFC
Harlequins RFC
Wildebeeste R.C.C.

Midland Counties:
Austin RCFC Black and Gold
Kingsville RFC
Saint Edwards RFC
San Antonio RFC
Texas A&M RFC White and Maroon

Southern Counties:
Baylor University Medical School RFC
Galveston RFC
Houston RFC
Huntsville Volunteers (Sam Houston State Univ.) RFC
Old Boys RFC Gold and Blue
Rice University RFC

Western Counties:
El Paso RFC
Univ. of Texas of the Permian Basin (Odessa) RFC

This included the formation of the first Women’s side:

Zulu Warriors RFC

This year also boasted the first Men’s Select Side team who faced a team from Nairobi, Kenya.


Western RFU was created and included the Beehive RFU, the Eastern Rockies RFU, the Rio Grande RFU and the Heart of American RFU.
Nelson Spencer
S.G.B. Tennant Jr.

Formation of USA Rugby RFU


Our first International caps were earned by Barry Walter (Houston Old Boys RFC) and Manus O’Donnell (Houston RFC).