World Rugby Global Law Variations – Effective March 1

The Rugby Committee has approved the use of the following World Rugby Global Law trials for seven a side rugby tournaments played in the USA and leading to a USA National Championship. These trials are to go into effect in the USA as of March 1st, 2017. World Rugby have approved their use in domestic […]

September 2016 – USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines

The New Game Management Guidelines, September 2016, are here: USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines – September 2016 Below are some key focus areas for match officials: Establish Behavior: Lineout: Set up & maintain a large gap (allows more room for the throw) Defensive hooker in position in the 5m area Manage numbers Sack has to be […]

World Rugby Law Clarification 2 – Injury from Foul Play

Please review the second clarification from World Rugby this year. It addresses some specifics regarding the new section of Law 3.14 (Substituted Players Rejoining a Match – injured as a result of foul play). The clarification is very straightforward, but please write to me if you have any questions. 2016 Law Clarification 2 Injury from […]

7s Rolling Substitutions – New Law Variation

World Rugby is trialing a variation regarding substitutions in sevens. The USA Rugby Committee has approved the use of this Variation in all domestic competitions effective June 18, 2016. The exact wording is copied below, but in essence it allows a player to return to the game after having been substituted off. The team is still restricted to […]

2016 USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines

Please review the newly released Game Management Guidelines from USA Rugby for 2016. Though the material is developed for referees, it is applicable to all stakeholders of the game including players and coaches. Please download the file and read through the updates: 2016 Game Management Guidelines Also available are the Protective Equipment and Clothing Guidelines: Protective […]

World Rugby Law Clarifications 2015 – Law 3

The latest Clarification is attached. It addresses yet another iteration of the “what if” involved in front row replacements and is pretty clear. Please distribute to teams, unions, conferences and referees in your area. 150909 CL Law Clarification 6 2015 Front Row replacements [PDF] Feel free to write me with any questions. All the best, […]

World Rugby Law Clarifications 2015 – Laws 15, 16, 22

World Rugby has issued another clarification. This addresses kicking the ball out of the hands of another player. That has always been specifically prohibited when a player is attempting to touch the ball down for a try, but it was not addressed for more general situations. This clarification makes it clear – that action is […]