TRRA Summer AGM – Aug 2, 2014 (SATURDAY) – Austin, TX

The Texas Rugby Referee Association (TRRA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in Austin, TX on Aug 2, 2014 (SATURDAY). We will have special presentations from USA Rugby Referee  & West Zone Manager Marc Nelson along with our normal AGM topics! What: TRRA Annual AGM (Agenda & Minutes) When: Saturday, Aug 2, 2014 from 9am […]

USA Rugby to participate in IRB Rugby Goggles Trial

USA Rugby announced Thursday, effective immediately, it will be a participating union in the IRB Global Trial Law regarding the use of IRB trial-approved goggles for any players needing corrective lenses or players who have a chronic eye condition reducing his/her vision or who have monocular vision. Under the trial law, if an opposing player […]

‘Brain Bin’ with Temporary Replacement – Clarification from IRB

There seems to be some confusion about the use of a “Brain Bin” and I would like to help clear some of it up. The ‘Brain Bin’ is not endorsed by USA Rugby, and it is not recommended by the IRB for anything but Elite international play. It should not be used except at this […]

Sevens Scrums (New Cadence) Clarification from Patrick McNally

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have received quite a few inquiries lately about how the new scrum calls will affect Seven-a-Side rugby. Sevens scrums are quite a bit different than Fifteens scrums, so it is important that we are all on the same page moving into the fall Collegiate 7s season. Paddy O’Brien was able to […]

2013/2014 USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines

Please review the below Game Management Guidelines from USA Rugby. They are a compliment to the new scrum cadence from the IRB that will cover all competitions from this point forward. 2013/2014 USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines

Crouch, Bind, Set Cadence Will Used for All Competitions This Fall

All, This is your reminder that the new cadence of Crouch, Bind, Set will be used for ALL competitions this fall (15s and 7s). Review the new cadence and some pointers from the IRB here. View the IRB Training videos here. Have questions or concerns? Email the TRRA Chairman Jim Wolfinger.

IRB Scrum Trial – Notes for Coaches & Referees

As announced on July 8, The International Rugby Board (IRB) Council has announced the implementation of a global trial of the “crouch, bind, set” scrum engagement sequence. Implementation will begin at the start of the next season.All USA competitions commencing from/after August 15th, 2013. Along with the training videos that covers the entire process and possible issues that may […]