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Welcome to the Texas Rugby Referee Association (TRRA) Corner. Here you will find anything and everything about becoming a referee, getting assignments etc.

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Before Refereeing

  1. Enroll and complete the USA Rugby Level 1 Officiating – Introduction to Officiating Course.
  2. CIPP with USA Rugby:
    1. To receive match appointments you must CIPP with USA Rugby. Make sure you CIPP under ‘Texas Rugby Referee Association”.
      1. Multiple Roles (dual CIPP) – If you are a current player, coach or contact with your team you will need to register multiple roles (dual CIPP) with USA Rugby using this form.
  3. TRRA Member Dues:
    1. $50 per year and is included when you CIPP with USA Rugby.
  4. TRU Email Address and Whostheref Account: Once your CIPP has been verified you will be sent your TRU email address and account access to the assigning software (
  5. TRRA Master Contact List: Add/Confirm that your contact information is correct on this sheet. All referees can update this directory by logging in with your TRU account.
  6. Referee Checklists: Great checklist that covers everything from pre-match to game management. Review often.
  7. Documents & Resources: Make sure you are familiar with all TRRA requirements and policies and procedures.
  8. Fitness: As of August 2013, all referees are required to run the beep test. For more information on the beep test and the recommended version, go here.
  9. Law Tests: Law Tests will be sent out every other month, more details here.
  10. TRRA Facebook Group: Join our group here, we use this forum to discuss law interpretations, continuing education and getting to know our fellow referees,

Match Assignments/Confirmation

  1. TRU Email & Whostheref Account: To receive match assignments you must have a TRU email account and a Whostheref account. This should be automatically assigned to you and info will be sent shortly after you complete the L1 & CIPP. If not, contact
    1. All match appointments and TRRA announcements will go to your TRU email account. We would highly recommend that you forward your TRU account to your personal email account. If you choose not to forward your TRU account to your personal email,  you are responsible for checking your TRU email often.
    2. Match assignments will come through Whostheref and you can accept/decline directly from the email invitation.
  2. Availability/Calendar: Each season update your calendar in Whostheref within a timely manner. Typically these timeframes are January, May (7s) and July…TRRA will send out reminders each season.NOTE: If your calendar is not filled out, you will not receive match assignments.
  3. Match Confirmation: The Schedulers are working to have matches assigned 30 days out.NOTE: Schedulers will not send a confirmation email/phone call once you’ve replied to the invitation. We would recommend checking for appointments.

Pre Game Day

  1. Teams should send a confirmation by email to your TRU account or call by Monday of the week of the assigned match. Please reply to the team to let them know you are confirmed as soon as possible.

    Teams are instructed to wait until Wednesday for your reply, if a reply is not received, they are to contact the Referee Scheduler for another referee.
  1. If the team does not send you a confirmation, DO NOT go to the match. Please alert so we can contact the team.

Game Day

  1. Ensure that playing field adheres to TRU Field Policies. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Sideline barriers/ropes are required at any match (friendly, social, tournament, league etc.).
    2. Barriers/ropes must be a minimum of 5m from the touchline, try line to try line.
    3. Only ONE Coach/Rep inside rope.
  2. Collect CIPP Roster
    1. Ensure this form has their front row players highlighted. NOTE: No club will be allowed to play any players who are not listed on their specific clubs USA CIPP roster.
    2. Keep this documentation in case of Disciplinary or other Eligibility concerns.
  3. Collect Front Row Waiver Form from all teams.NOTE: Teams from outside Texas do not have to have this form.
  4. Confirm scores and discipline issues with both teams before leaving the venue.

Post Game Day

  1. Submit Match Report within 72 hours so you can receive your match fee payment!
  2. Submit any Discipline Issues within 48 hours.NOTE: Please review the TRU Disciplinary Regulations and Procedures.
  3. Video: Request that coaches share video of your match for review if applicable.

Referee Kit

As of June 2014 free kit is not being issued, referees are encouraged to Assistant Referee (AR) their first couple of matches to gain experience. Those assignments and match reimbursement can then be used to offset referee kit costs. We’ve got a sweet kit store, to purchase kit go to the TRRA Kit Store.

Match Reimbursement Policies

If assigned by TRRA to referee, assistant referee, #4 or Referee Coach, you will receive a match reimbursement. Please review the Match Reimbursement Policies.

Referee Pathways & Standards

Refer to the TRRA Referee PathwaysFitness Standards and the Law Test requirement.

TRRA Coaching Report/Evaluations

The Referee Advancement & Training Organization (RATO) aims to provide referees with higher level referee mentors and certified referee Coaches. Referees will receive periodic coaching reports from these individuals; however, we highly encourage them to request completion of the  TRRA Referee Assessment form by teams. 

Referee Assessment: Completed by teams to review and provide feedback on a referee’s performance. Details are sent to RATO and feedback will be provided to referee.

Coaching Report:  Completed by a Certified Referee Coach to grade a referee’s performance. Details are sent to RATO and feedback will be provided to referee.

Evaluations: Completed by a Certified Referee Evaluator to promote a referee’s grade. Details are sent to RATO and feedback will be provided to referee. Formal Evaluations are scheduled by RATO when referees meet Referee Pathway/Standards and are ready for promotion of grade.


Referee Exchanges are handled by the Referee Advancement & Training Organization (RATO). Please contact them for more details.

Announcements & Law Updates

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